CLIENT: Daily Table

SIZE: 7,500

SGA renovated an existing retail space in the heart of Dudley Square to accommodate a 7,500 sq. ft. co-op food market catering to the local community.  As The Daily Table is a not-for-profit organization, SGA worked with ownership to provide cost effective solutions for their construction needs utilizing a simple design aesthetic and refurbished equipment.  Lighting and flooring were donated from local sources.  Modifications to the rear of the building were designed to accommodate a loading platform at street level and material lift for product delivery to the sales floor.


​​The Daily Table is a not-for-profit, innovative grocery store that offers fresh produce and grocery items as well as ready-to-eat and grab-n-go prepared meals at affordable prices. The Daily Table opened its first store in 2015 in Codman Square/Four Corners Dorchester and opened this location in Dudley Square Roxbury at 2201 Washington Street in January 2018.  The Daily Table works with a large network of growers, supermarkets, manufacturers, and other suppliers who donate their excess, healthy food, or provide special buying opportunities.